Each new dog running or walking client gets evaluated, assessed, and placed with the best group for them. We pride ourselves on fostering the proper team dynamics, positive reinforcement principles, health and safety!

Trailblazing Tails dedicates a lot of time, energy, and resources to creating the best and safest experience for your dog. We believe in quality over quantity and our groups never exceed 4 dogs. That means properly evaluating and assessing each dog who joins the Trailblazing Tails community and carefully matching them with a good coach and other dogs who they can have positive and safe interactions with.

We have years of training and experience performing safe on-leash dog introductions that include positive reinforcement and making sure the chemistry between dogs is right to set them up for success. Because of this, a minimum of two Trailblazing Tails team members is present for your dog’s first session.

  We are so excited to be part of your village! Thank you for finding us!

We are so excited to be part of your village! Thank you for finding us!

Our Process:

  • Initial Phone Intake: A 15 - 20-minute chat where we get the basic information and find out a little more about what you’re looking for and tell you a little about how we operate. Free

  • In-Person Meet-and-Greet: 20 - 30-minute meeting at your home where we introduce ourselves to you and and your pup and go over your dog’s history and needs and get everyone familiar with each other. Free

  • 1st Session: The first session includes an evaluation and assessment of your dog and the potential for doggy introductions with any dog(s) we think may be a good match with your dog. At least one of our Management Team members attends this session along with an additional team member. Your dog will run solo or with another dog or dogs depending on how your dog does during Intros. We may also suggest you work with our trainer before we add your pup to a team. $75

  • Subsequent Sessions: Your dog runs/walks with her coach and other pups they know as often as you like! We make sure to conduct safe TbT Doggy Intros any time your dog is exposed to a new TbT client. Refer to Dog Running and Dog Walking pages for regular package pricing after the first two sessions. $27 - $35 runs; $20 - $30 walks