The Trailblazer Attachments


Additional attachments for The Trailblazer are sold separately. Available in 4, 5, and 6 feet attachments when attached to The Handle. The Trailblazer is the most effective leash for multiple dogs ever created!

Use this beautifully handcrafted tether leash as a single dog leash or attach it to The Handle for additional length. If you have multiple dogs, simply unsnap one side of The Handle and add an attachment to the opposite o-ring on the other end for the additional dog. (Leave The Handle open or flat. Do NOT attach both o-rings together.) 

Give your multiple dogs FREEDOM to do their own thing WITHOUT the FRUSTRATION of being tethered to one another and do it without tangles! Designed by a dog walking and training professional, Trailblazing Tails' patent-pending innovation, The Trailblazer is the perfect tool! Mastering its simple mechanical magic is easy!