Copy of Our Story



Trailblazing Tails was founded in 2007 and colorfully reinvented in 2020 from a service-focused business into a product and education-driven company. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and innovate; creating a better future for dogs. We understand that dogs talk with their bodies and we envision a world where people listen.We do our best to create products through the lens of a dog by filling our “brain cup” with continuing education in all things dog behavior and training, to bring to you the best, most-innovative, and effective products. And it’s entirely possible you will find our staff singing and dancing while handcrafting, encouraging new, creative ideas to put into our next product! What we do feels like our own kind of music!Through collaboration with inspiring minds in our very own workshop, in our field and outside, from veterinary behaviorists to certified dog trainers and behavior consultants, veterinarians, pediatric speech pathologists, teachers, and pediatricians — we are carving a new field in educated dog products, promoting animal welfare and positive reinforcement! Come jam with us while we create a better future for dogs!


Trailblazing Tails was founded in 2007 as a dog running service by Tricia Case. It quickly became clear that her love for dogs and nature was not enough, Tricia needed to learn everything she could about dogs. With a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, she also believed that if her clients and staff were happy and informed by science, the quality of life would improve for so many dogs and [their] people.   

Tricia worked hard to hone her dog listening skills over 13 years and two locations in Los Angeles and Portland while dreaming of creating positive tools to make it easier and more effective for dogs and their people.

Currently she has a patent pending on a multi-dog leash created to allow the handler and dogs more freedom while providing a safe and effective way to navigate. She also has a patent pending on a hands-free innovation that allows the handler to adjust the length of their leash to fit around their waist or over their shoulder. 

In 2009, Sunny (pictured above) rescued Tricia and gave her the greatest education in Dog that she could ever have imagined — it was more of an education in life. Sunny was a fearful dog who also suffered from separation anxiety so badly that in his frantic efforts to escape, he would scream at the top of his lungs for hours, project diarrhea, and give himself a bloody mouth from chewing through anything he could to find her. Sunny taught Tricia how to slow down, be more present, and to always proceed with great compassion.

She is also a Pet Tech Certified Pet First Aid and CPR Instructor and Be a Tree presenter since 2012, and a proud member of the Professional Pet Guild and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Inspired by the lives and work of Patricia McConnell, the late Dr. Sophia Yin, Temple Grandin, Jane Goodall, and so many more, Tricia's devotion lies in learning as much as she can about dogs, creating innovative products, and bringing that to the world. In addition, she is the mother of two vibrant, young children and dedicated to teaching future generations how to speak dog.