The Virgo


As part of our LIMITED SPRING COLLECTION, The Virgo was created in 6 or 8 feet. You will find this Maiden of a leash in three gorgeous tones: YELLOW, PASSIONFRUIT, AND MERLOT.  

With yellow as the base leash color, you'll love the pop of the passionfruit for The Slide Tab and stop, and merlot for a traffic handle, with an o-ring conveniently located to assure extra control when in tight, populated areas. You can adjust the length to a fixed 4 feet by attaching the top snap hook to the o-ring on the base of the traffic handle. 

Our hands-free innovation, The Slide Tab, allows you to adjust the length to fit around your waist or over your shoulder! It also allows for dual control, tethering, double-dog, and always with the ability to adjust its length. This is a leash you'll want to pass down through generations.