The Sunny


TRAINERS CHOICE: The Sunny is the only multifunctional dog leash you will ever want to touch again! This unicorn of a leash was created to be lightweight and to allow the dog and their handler maximum communication as well as options. The perfect leash for a stroll anywhere, with our hands-free innovation, DogStop, you can adjust the leash to fit around your waist or over your shoulder. It also allows for dual control, tethering, double-dog, and always with the ability to adjust its length. Available in 6, 7, and 8 feet. 


  • Brown 1/2 inch - ultralight
  • Brown 5/8 inch - ultralight - light
  • Brown 3/4 inch - light - standard
  • Red 1/2 inch - light - standard
  • Black 5/8 inch - standard