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Current turnaround time approx. 7-10 business days
Current turnaround time approx. 7-10 business days

The Handle (3-ways, 10 color options!)

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Original price
$22.00 - $26.00
Current price $22.00

VOTED DOG GEAR of the Year 2023 & 2024 by the Whole Dog Journal! 

The Handle (3-ways) is 5/8", incredibly versatile, and so simple in its design! It's handcrafted from our premium SUPERGRIP material - NEW COLORS AVAILABLE - Bright Orange, Hot Pink, Teal, Blue, Purple, and Green!

The Handle allows the handler optimal grip, security, and additional length!

  • Handle options 1 and 2 require a leash or long line with attachment points at both ends - one for the dog and one for The Handle (all of our leashes and long lines have a hands-free option to accommodate this). 
  • Handle option 3 requires a leash or long line with a ring at one end, like our Long Line or Leash Extension.

In addition, you can add multiple dogs to one Handle even if they vary in size! No more couplers! Give each dog the freedom of their own leash! Cheers to miles of sniffing adventures and decompression walks!

Handle types:

Option 1 for The Handle includes a 1" solid brass o-ring that can easily increase the length of your leash by attaching the top snap hook to it. This o-ring also allows for dual-action on your dog's harness or dual-dog walking by creating a sliding handle in the center of the leash. Additionally, you can attach another leash to the 1" o-ring and have the option to safely detach each dog in case of an emergency. Check out the photos above for examples!

Option 2 for The Handle includes o-rings on each end adds length to any leash simply by attaching top snap hook of your leash to both o-rings, creating a loop. Open up a world of opportunity when adding another dog by leaving the Handle open or flat with each dog on separate ends (Do NOT attach both o-rings together.). You now have the "handle bars" and can navigate both leashes while having the ability to safely detach each dog in case of emergency. See photos above!

Option 3 for the The Handle includes a solid brass snap hook on the end adds to our Long Line or Leash Extension and allows you to create a full-length custom el! See photos above!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great Handle

Great addition to my leash!

Ann Waterbury
Good stuff!

These handles are fabulous! Living in the PNW and walking dogs in the rain with gloves on, these handles do not slip out of your hands...nice and grippy


Great as a handle, or as a traffic loop on my 70lb pup just in case we encounter a trigger