Educational Content


Educational content for the whole family!

Do know what your dog is telling you? Here you will find easy-to-read infographics to help you reach a greater understanding of dog body language. You will also find other educational material to help make life with dogs better.

Child and Dog Safety

Dogs Don't Like Hugs_pdf
Dogs Don't Like Hugs_2_pdf
Dogs Are NOT Stuffies_pdf
Dogs Are NOT Chairs
Dogs Are NOT Chairs

Never Stare, Kiss, or Put Your Face in a Dog's Face 

Pet First Aid and CPR

Foxtail Season_pdf
CPR For Your Dog or Cat

Tips for Dog Walking Professionals

Top 5 Tips for Dog Walkers_pdf
A Professional Dog Walkers Observations and Tips_Leash Handling_pdf
Prevent, Manage, Substitute


Tips for Moving with Your Dog_pdf
The Dangers of Retractable Leashes_pdf