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Current turnaround time approx. 7-10 business days
Current turnaround time approx. 7-10 business days


Tricia is an invaluable resource to the dog training community as a whole. Not only are her products top of the line (I won’t use anything other then a TbT leash) but SHE is top of the line when it comes to educating dog owners on science-based, evidence-backed learning theory and dog body language. Her work betters the lives of dogs and their owners everywhere. Highly recommended.

~ Brie Blakeman, CPDT-KA, Noble Woof Dog Training

An outstanding resource for our dog loving community, packed with passionate & sound information! Some of the absolute best body language graphics I have seen in our industry! Keep up the great work, Trailblazing Tails! ❤️

~ Heather Polechio, CPDT-KA, CTC
FPPE, Licensed Educator, MindfulMutz Training & Behavior Consulting

Trailblazing Tails offers fantastic educational, science-based content that's accessible and easy to understand. I'm also a huge fan of their new leashes!!! I'm a certified dog trainer and it's my new favorite product.

~ Michelle Stern, CPDT-KA, Pooch Parenting  

An incredible company! This company uses only the most up to date, science-based, humane training methods. They truly care about the well-being of everyone involved in the training process. Caring, educated and compassionate!

~ Brittany M.

I just got my new order in the mail.  Instantly when you hold this leash you get an overwhelming sense of quality and longevity, and true care in each solid brass detail. Thank you so much TBT - this is such a beautiful leash and product, what a joy to use with my favorite dog pal Auz.

~ Erin A. 

Trailblazing Tails is a source of approachable expertise for all dog lovers. I have especially learned so much about how my young daughter should behave around dogs so that she is safe and respectful.

~ Marta L.

I really appreciate the evidence based information and videos Trailblazing Tails regularly posts. I consulted Tricia on how to safely bring a new baby into our home with two dogs. She helped us successfully navigate what was initially a very stressful situation. I highly recommend her services.

~ Christy M.

I work with dogs professionally and the teaching that Trailblazing Tails has provided me has forever changed my relationship with dogs for the better. Thanks for all of your valuable education!

~ Whitney F.

Excellent, compassionate, informed and educated dog professional. Highly recommend their services.

~ Lorenzo J.

I’m a certified professional dog trainer and I adore everything this company does! They’re extremely generous with their knowledge online and we frequently refer our clients to their resources. I also love the thought and precision that goes into their product line; their leads are amazing for professionals and dog owners alike!

~ Olivia H