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Dogs talk with their bodies. We envision a world where people listen. Our mission is to educate the world about dogs and to build the best darn communication and educational tools to make that possible!

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Handcrafted with solid brass and stainless steel hardware, our leashes are built to stand the test of time and a zombie apocalypse. Multifunctional and lightweight, they help dogs feel life, not the leash. We proudly handcraft using BioThane, which means your leash will never smell like wet dog again!

Should Children Apologize to Dogs?
Tricia Case August 29, 2019

Should Children Apologize to Dogs?

Modeling appropriate behavior for our children and teaching them how our dogs communicate is an important lesson in respect. If we begin teaching our children as young as possible how to read and understand dog body language, it will become a second language to them. That is what our dogs deserve. They deserve a world where people listen and respect them for the individuals and species they are.

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