The Pica


THE ASTUTE OWNER'S CHOICE: Our PREMIUM leashes are unlike anything you've touched - buttery-soft, grippy, waterproof, odor-proof, durable, and strong! The Pica is our most popular dog leash for a reason! The Pica offers our hands-free innovation, The Slide Tab, which slides to adjust the length of your leash and to fit around your waist or over your shoulder! Trailblazing Tails understands that your dog is legendary and deserves only the best, and if they could use words, they'd ask for a Premium Dog Collar, too. Cheers to miles of sniffing adventures and decompression walks! 

waterproof | odor-proof | durable | strong

Other uses:

  • Tether around a chair, table, or pole.
  • Dual-control on your dog's harness (attach to front and back of a well-fitted harness).
  • For use with two dogs (attach snap hooks to each dog and hold center of the leash).

Available in 6, 7, 8, and 10 feet. 

Available widths:

  • 1/2" - suitable and suggested for up to 90 lbs and dogs who don't pull.
  • 5/8" - suitable for up to 125 lbs and humans who want a wider leash to hold, or add optimal grip, security, and extra length with The Handle in premium SUPERGRIP.
  • 3/4" - suitable for 80-150 lbs.