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A Dog's Diary Entry #1

A Dog's Diary Entry #1

I remember when we first met at the shelter. The shelter staff brought you and your mom and dad into a special area where families meet other potential 4-legged family members. They call it “The Family Room” and it is where I first fell in love with you!

You smelled sooooo good, like beef jerky and string cheese! Your eyes were as blue as the sky and your hair was like a yellow Summer sunset. I once heard someone really smart at the shelter say that dogs see blue and yellow better than they do red, green, and orange. It didn't matter what color you, your hair, or your eyes were, what mattered was that you wanted me. You looked and smelled like a lap that I could curl up into forever.

You weren’t much taller than me but you moved really funny. You jumped up and down and squealed loudly. That scared me, so I hid in the corner until you sat down on the mat in the center of the room. That’s what the staff taught me to do too! They always tell me that I’m a good boy when I do and toss me tasty treats. It’s pretty awesome!

You started playing with a squeaky squirrel toy and it caught my attention. I crept out of the corner and  s l o w l y  made my way in your direction. I could feel my tail tucked between my legs and my ears pinned back, but I was curious. I just had to find out more!

Then you waved the squirrel toy on the ground, and I swear, that squirrel came to life! I felt my body come to life too as I pounced and jumped right on top of it! It was thrilling! I dropped the toy after a minute or so because it wasn’t quite as fun as when you magically brought it to life. But you picked it up and did it again. And WOW, was that fun! We played the game for a really long time. I can’t tell time, so I don’t know exactly how long, but I’d guess it was at least a hundred million minutes. That’s what you always say, right?

You whispered to me that I was your best friend, and from that moment on, I knew you were mine too.

Thank you for being my best friend! I can’t wait to share more of our story, but for now, mom said it’s bedtime. Good night, Aurora. I love you from your head to your toes to your itty-bitty nose!

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Mojca - May 22, 2020

Beautifully written, it brought tears to my eyes. Girl, your are so talented. Keep up the great work!

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