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Current turnaround time approx. 7-10 business days
Current turnaround time approx. 7-10 business days

The Judy - for dogs 7-90 lbs. *Add-on CHEW-PROOF base

Original price $72.00 - Original price $80.00
Original price
$72.00 - $80.00
Current price $72.00

The Judy is more than just a leash - it's a carefully designed tool. No more struggling to maintain control of your dog with a flimsy leash. The Judy features our exclusive SUPERGRIP handle and unique "knots" for maximum grip and security. Plus, a strategically placed o-ring is ready for The Perfect Wipe Cloth.

  • 6 feet has 2 "knots"
  • 8 feet has 3 "knots" 
  • 10 feet has 4 "knots" (not recommended for dogs 7-13 lbs)

waterproof | odor-proof | durable | strong

Why The Judy is a tool you want in your toolbox:

  • Weather turns wet or cold
  • Arthritis or mobility concern
  • Squirrels or crows throw a raucous party on your neighborhood sniffy walk
  • Neighborhood cat decides to Flashdance out of a bush as you turn a corner
  • Unexpected skateboarder in a uniform and a hat speeds past with a boombox mounted to their back blasting Eye of the Tiger!
  • Illegally off-leash dog begins to make their way in your direction
    • (grab a handful of high-quality, kibble/kibble-sized tasty, smelly treats and throw them at the oncoming dog's face and yell, "Go home!". Make an emergency u-turn and find a safe place, barrier, or distance.)

Add on our 3 feet CHEW-PROOF base and find safety and security in walking your dog again without weighing them down with an extra leash and/or a safety strap. We believe that the lighter the tool, the better the communication we can have with our dogs. 

With CHEW-PROOF base:

  • 6 feet has 1 "knot" 
  • 8 feet has 2 "knots"
  • 10 feet has 3 "knots" (not recommended for dogs 7-13 lbs)

Available for little, medium and big dogs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Miss Maisy’s mom
Handle - you’ll love it or not

Love my 6 foot leash for working walks. I initially fell in love with Trailblazing Tails when I purchased the long line, but thought a thicker strap would be great for my arthritic hands. However, I found that the chunky, grippy nubs simply don’t feel good in my hands. Wish I had purchased a flat-strap dedicated handle. It’s all about personal preference. I prefer the butter soft material to the grippy nubs. I believe you’ll either love it…or not.

Miss Maisy's mom, thank you for your review! We appreciate it very much and would be pleased to exchange your Judy Leash for The Pica instead. It is made from our buttery-soft premium material and I think you and Maisy will love it!


It is amazing! So sturdy and easy to manage on walks. The knots are incredibly helpful.