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Current turnaround time approx. 7-10 business days
Current turnaround time approx. 7-10 business days

The Perfect Wipe Cloth™

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$18.00 - $20.00
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Introducing THE PERFECT WIPE CLOTH™, designed specifically for DOG PEOPLE (and anyone else who demands the best!). Say goodbye to using paper towels or your clothing for wiping your fingers, hands, and toys when lovingly interacting with your dogs. Our wipes are created with super soft double-sided flannel, expertly serged for an industrial-grade finish.

Compact and washable, they come in three stunning designs and two sizes. Choose the regular size for those energetic dogs who may jump up to grab your new tool, or the larger version, favored by professional dog trainers.

Made with multiple layers of fast-drying, luxurious flannel, and equipped with a perfectly-sized carabiner for easy attachment to a treat pouch, leash, belt, or clothing - this is a product you always wished you had! For easy care, simply detach the carabiner and wash the cloth in COLD water, then line dry and feel the softness increase with every wash.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hannah M
A must have for my newfie drool monster

I bought two and we keep them clipped at our hips every day. Our drool monster has a friendly way of leaving remnants of his mouth everywhere. This has really been a game changer and has held up so well through each use.

Trailblazing Tails Cloth

Great and versatile cloth! Can be used for wiping hands, mouths, or as a target for a chin rest, and more. Love it!


I have two big dogs that slobber a lot when we train. This wipe cloth clips perfectly to my treat pouch and has a lot of fabric without being bulky that I can wipe my hands on.

MP Deskin
Handy fast drying towel

I work in a cafe and have found many uses for this cloth. I hook it on my apron and have a great wipe for glasses and wet hands. (Keeps me from reaching for a paper towel. ) I also started hooking it to my backpack for walks or long hikes with my dog. The more you use it the better it cloth feels.

We couldn't get through our week without Monti's cafe! Thanks so much for the amazing review!

Dorothy S Case

I wear my wipe cloth all day. I can conveniently wipe my hands while cooking, cleaning, clean glasses, childrenʻs fingers, and any spills.