The Little Dog (The Arlo)


Your little dog deserves luxury just like the big dogs! Indulge in our ultra-lightweight The Little Dog (The Arlo)! We build with solid brass hardware and heart. This highly durable leash comes in 3/8" or 1/2" width and is suitable for dogs up to 12 lbs. Cheers to miles of sniffing adventures and decompression walks!

waterproof | odor-proof | durable

TWO OPTIONS: Regular Loop Handle (basic leash) or The Slide Tab Handle (hands-free).

If you choose our hands-free innovation, The Slide Tab, you allow yourself the freedom to adjust its length, wear around your waist, or over your shoulder! (ONLY choose your slide tab color in the top dropbox if you order this handle type). If you desire extra grip, security, and length, ADD The Handle. You will not be sorry, and if your dog could use words, they'd ask for a Premium Dog Collar too!

Other uses for The Slide Tab:

  • Tether around a chair, table, or pole.
  • Dual-control on your dog's harness (attach to front and back of a well-fitted harness).
  • For use with two dogs (attach snap hooks to each dog and hold center of the leash).

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