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Current turnaround time approx. 7-10 business days
Current turnaround time approx. 7-10 business days

The Unparalleled Tug Toy (The Tippy)

Original price $37.00 - Original price $37.00
Original price
$37.00 - $37.00
Current price $37.00

It's true! This tug is unparalleled! We spent hours, days, and months developing a tug toy fit for even the most aggressive chewers! 

We wanted this tug toy to be extremely strong and easy to love for the dog and their person, so we built it in 3 rugged pieces -- the ball (Chuckit Rebounce Ball), the handle, and the attachment piece.

waterproof | odor-proof | durable | EXTREMELY STRONG

This allows you to purchase each separately if your dog chews through any of the pieces, which is doubtful because we handcraft the handle and attachment piece in multiple sewn layers ON PURPOSE!!! The handle portion is 3 sewn layers and significant in strength! It allows the person many options to securely hold, including our innovative "Knot!" 

Dog approved!