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Current turnaround time approx. 10 business days
Current turnaround time approx. 10 business days

The Judy - for dogs 7-90 lbs.

Original price $60.00 - Original price $68.00
Original price
$60.00 - $68.00
Current price $60.00

The Judy is not just a leash, it's an intentional tool. A solution. Do you dream of security while gripping your leash? 

Our premium SUPERGRIP handle gives you optimal grip and a conveniently placed o-ring for The Perfect Wipe Cloth! Just below, you'll choose your base leash color and have the option to add-on our innovative "knots" as additional and secure places to grab and hold onto. This also allows you to make this already gorgeous leash three tone and incredibly functional!

waterproof | odor-proof | durable | strong

Why The Judy is a tool you want in your toolbox, especially when adding "knots":

  • Weather turns wet or cold
  • Arthritis or mobility concern
  • Squirrels or crows throw a raucous party on your neighborhood sniffy walk
  • Neighborhood cat decides to Flashdance out of a bush as you turn a corner
  • Unexpected skateboarder in a uniform and a hat speeds past with a boombox mounted to their back blasting Who Let the Dogs Out!
  • Illegally off-leash dog begins to make their way in your direction
    • (grab a handful of high-quality, kibble/kibble-sized tasty, smelly treats and throw them at the oncoming dog's face and yell, "Go home!". Make an emergency u-turn and find a safe place, barrier, or distance.)

Available for little, medium and big dogs.

Customer Reviews

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It is amazing! So sturdy and easy to manage on walks. The knots are incredibly helpful.